Synergon Office RPG GameplayThe Boss’ Role: The Boss creates scenarios where the Team is confronted with problems that must be overcome without Team members losing all Morale Points (MP). The Boss gives assignments and projects, describes surroundings, tells backstory, directs frenemy and non-player character (NPC) actions, and enforces rules.

Attack and Defense: When attacking, employees roll dice and add any attack roll modifiers to see the total amount of MP damage the attack inflicts. The target or one of the target’s allies can then use a defense ability to mitigate the damage. Only one defense ability can be used against a single attack. The defender rolls dice and adds in defense modifiers to determine the total effect of the defense. The target loses MP equal to the difference between the modified attack and defense rolls. If the modified defense roll is equal to or greater than the modified attack roll, no MP is lost. The attacker does not lose MP if the defense is stronger than the attack.

Dice Rolls: Synergon uses 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, and 20-sided dice, identified as d4, d6, d8, d10 and d20. When instructed to roll, the number before the ‘d’ indicates how many of the specified dice should be rolled (i.e. 2d4 indicates the employee should roll 2 of the d4 dice). Modifiers are often used to alter the final results of a roll and are indicated with a ‘+’. If a modifier results in a fraction, always round down unless otherwise specified.

Movement: There are two ways to play Synergon, in regards to movement. The first, and simplest, way is to simply imply movement. The Boss describes the surroundings and what Team members can see; Team members can ask for further description at any time. Each individual Team member describes his or her action and necessary movement is implied. For instance, a Team member saying he is going to attack a frenemy or get on the elevator to go to another floor implies movement towards the frenemy or the elevator. The Boss can then interrupt the implied movement if necessary, such as when a frenemy ambushes the Team member. In general, the Team generally moves together under this system, and individual employees are only recognized as being in different areas if the Team members themselves specifically indicate they are splitting up.

The alternate version of Synergon utilizes maps with square grids to indicate distance. Team members move independent of each other and movements are directed by individuals. In this case, abilities also gain specific range requirements. In order to use an ability marked Range 3, for instance, an employee must be 3 squares or less away from the target to use that ability. Different abilities have different ranges. Each employee has three movement rounds per hour and can move up to 10 squares per round. Generally each movement round comes before each of the 3 abilities allotted per hour, but they can be used at any time including all at once, if the employee so desires. Unused movement rounds or square allotments do not carry over to the following hour. Use it or lose it.


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