Creating an Employee

Creating a Synergon office employeeAfter choosing a gender and a suitably bureaucratic name for a new employee character, each player does the following:

  1. Roll 4d6 for each attribute on the resumé, except Experience. Take the 3 highest rolls and combine to get the total value for that attribute.
  2. Take the two attributes with the highest rolls (Innocence and Education don’t count here) and match them with the department that has strengths in those two attributes (See the Department Strengths list). Pick the closest matching department if multiple attributes have the same number or if the strengths don’t exactly match one of the 10 departments.
  3. Choose one skill to learn immediately. Then number the remaining 20 skills and roll 2d20 to determine which 2 skills are randomly assigned to the new character. If the same number is rolled twice, reroll.
  4. Choose one item, value of $20 or less, to begin the game with.
  5. Add together any attribute modifiers from skills or items. Then take the modified Patience attribute as the current max MP value and the modified Creativity attribute as the max AP value.
  6. Note any other special abilities or effects from skills, items, department weaknesses, and department-specific abilities.
  7. Join Synergon at level 1 with 0XP.

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