The Basics

Synergon Office RPG computerThis part of the employee manual will explain the basics of how Synergon works. Refer to the sections on Creating an Employee, Gameplay, and Company Policy to see more information about the inner workings of Synergon.

Races: Synergon is an equal opportunity employer, and as such does not discriminate based on race. Please do not refer to the company as “color blind.” Synergon has faced serious litigation in the past from employees who felt the term was derogatory towards those not physically capable of seeing certain colors. All employees, at the most fundamental level, are human despite displaying varying levels of humanity.

Alignment: Some employees are nicer than others, but there’s really only one alignment here. It’s called the do-whatever-it-takes-to-make-it-to-5p.m. alignment. Call it “neutral,” for short. Of course, we all feel a little lawful or evil from time to time, but the urges come and go.

Departments: Departments are the most obvious way to distinguish employees from each other. There are ten major departments in which employees work, although there are some employees that don’t belong to a specific department. Each department is divided into three tiers based on employee experience and time with the company. The department tiers determine how much employees are paid and how many skills and abilities they can use. Below is a breakdown of the ten departments and the titles of employees in each tier of their departments. Following that is a list of strengths and weaknesses for each department.

Department (Classes) Cubicle DroneTier 1 (Level 1-15) Middle ManagerTier 2 (Level 16-40) ExecutiveTier 3 (Level 41-100)
Accounting Accountant Senior Accountant Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Content Writer Managing Editor Chief Content Officer (CConO)
Design Designer Art Director Chief Design Officer (CDO)
HR Office Assistant HR Director Chief Personnel Officer (CPO)
IT Programmer Network Admin Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Legal Paralegal Senior Attorney Chief Legal Officer (CLO)
Marketing Analyst Brand Manager Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
PR PR Associate Account Manager Chief Communications Officer (CCO)
Sales Salesperson Director of Sales Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
Web Strategy SEO Specialist Social Media Strategist Chief Search Officer (CSO)

Department Strengths

Accounting: Strength in Patience and Eloquence, -2 to defense rolls against Legal

Content: Strength in Creativity and Eloquence, -2 to defense rolls against Web Strategy

Design: Strength in Creativity and Tech Savvy, -2 to defense rolls against IT

Human Resources: Strength in Patience and Charisma, -2 to defense rolls against Accounting

Information Technology: Strength in Tech Savvy and Patience, -2 to defense rolls against Content

Legal: Strength in Patience and Creativity, -2 to defense rolls against HR

Marketing: Strength in Tech Savvy and Creativity, -2 to defense rolls against Sales

Public Relations: Strength in Creativity and Charisma, -2 to defense rolls against Design

Sales: Strength in Charisma and Eloquence, -2 to defense rolls against Marketing

Web Strategy: Strength in Tech Savvy and Eloquence, -2 to defense rolls against PR

Resumé (Attributes)

The resumé details the progression of each employee. The first five attributes, Patience, Creativity, Eloquence, Charisma, and Tech Savvy, are the core attributes and are used to determine what department an employee belongs to. The other three have varying effects on an employee. With every level gained, add one point to any of the core attributes.

Patience: Affects some abilities and max MP

Creativity: Affects some abilities and max AP

Eloquence: Modifies some ability rolls

Charisma: Modifies some ability rolls

Tech Savvy: Modifies some ability rolls

Innocence: An attribute that provides new Drones with a 1d4 bonus to defense rolls against all attacks from Middle Manager and Executive tier frenemies (ability applies to first-time Drones only, employees changing classes or recovering from unemployment do not regenerate Innocence points). Diminishes steadily over time at 1 point every second Day. -2 to Experience gains.

Education: Does absolutely nothing. Nobody cares where you went to school or what you studied.

Experience: Gained by completing projects and defeating frenemies. Determines level and tier.


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