Synergon Office RPG meetingA status is gained as a result of abilities or items that have a specific effect on the employee. Some are positive, others less so, but they all affect the employee’s stats or ability rolls. If an employee receives a status he or she already has, the effects do not stack. The hours of duration, on the other hand, do stack. For instance, if an employee is already experiencing 3 hours of Ashamed and rolls another 2 hours of Ashamed, that employee would continue to suffer the standard effects of Ashamed, but for 5 hours.

Annoyed: -2MP per hour, -2 Patience. +5 to attack rolls for Ridicule; Rage Music gives an additional +5MP; cannot use Encourage ability.

Ashamed: -20% to max MP, -3MP per hour.

Carpal Tunnel: Results any time an employee uses a computer-related ability more than 10 times per day. -1MP per hour, -4AP per hour, and -6 Tech Savvy.

Cocky: +2 to attack rolls, -2 to AP cost for attack abilities. Successful hit gives the target 1d4 hours of Annoyed.

Complete Loss of Authority: -50% Charisma. Employee cannot use Encourage or Instill Panic; -5 to rolls for Scrutinize and There Will Be Consequences. Sometimes it gets so bad that employees don’t see the weak as bad at leading; they see the weak as bad at being human.

Delayed: Cannot use any attack abilities and cannot use defense or standard abilities to defend or help fellow Team members.

Demoralized: When an employee has 10% or less of max MP, that employee becomes demoralized. Max AP points reduced to 30%. When it hurts too much, it takes a special effort to do more than crawl under the desk.

Despair: Patience, Creativity and Eloquence drop to 50%. Charisma drops to 25% of total. Miss 1d8 hours of work (employee isn’t in the building, can’t use any abilities or items, and retains all current statuses when returning to work).

Dignified: Dignity is something employees forfeit when they take the job. Don’t plan on getting it back.

Enraged: -5 max MP, +50AP per hour.

Favored:. 1d20 bonus experience for every hour of this status. Add Charisma stat to all defense rolls, even if other modifiers have already added Charisma to the roll. Any attack against a Favored employee automatically gives the attacker 1d4 hours of Scrutinized. If an employee receives Favored status more than 4 times in 3 days, roll 1d20+Charisma, LC1d20+level. Successfully passing the LC gives 1d4 hours of Promoted. Some executives take a liking to certain employees, in a totally platonic way, of course

Fear of Reprisal: When attacked, take an additional 4MP damage, even after successfully defending the attack. +1 to LC rolls for Acting Productive; -3 to defense rolls against Accusation of Failure, Missed Deadline, Scrutinize, and Reprisal.

Humiliated: -2MP per hour. Any abilities or statuses that regenerate MP and/or AP do so at 50% of the standard rate.

Intern: When changing classes, a employee must enter Intern Limbo. That employee loses all abilities and attributes for 10 days and becomes an Intern. An Intern has 5MP and 10AP and has only one ability: Summon Coffee. Interns can still be attacked by frenemies; members of the Team are responsible to defend the weakened Interns or risk losing them to Unemployment. After 10 days, the Intern rerolls for new Resume stats and department.

Look Stupid: -1 MP per hour; -3 to defense rolls against Ridicule.

Lucky: +1 to attack and defense rolls; +3 to LC rolls. When an employee’s modified attack roll is exactly matched by the modified defense roll, target still takes 5MP damage.

Malaise: -1d4 MP per hour; if Malaise causes MP to drop to 0 or below, employee automatically Quits. “Why am I here? Is anything I do making a difference? It’s all just … whatever.”

Overcompensating: +20 max MP. -2 to defense rolls against Ridicule and Scrutinize.

Overwhelmed: -50% max MP, -60% max AP.

Promoted: Gain XP equal to 1d4 levels.

Scrutinized: -1 to attack rolls; -2 to defense rolls . Get used to being watched. Closely.

Sugar Rush: +5 max AP. Don’t mind the buzzing.

Talking to Self: -5 Charisma. A sure sign someone is losing it.

Uncomfortable: Before using any attack abilities, roll 1d10, LC 5. Failing the LC means the employee cannot use that attack. Even if the attack is canceled it still counts toward the hourly ability allowance.

Unemployed: Gained when an employee is forced to Quit or is Fired. Employee permanently leaves the workforce and becomes a hermit if Unemployed isn’t reversed in 14 days. An unemployed player’s only ability is Job Application. Unemployed players cannot be attacked. A fellow Team member with the Connections skill or any Executive can use Job Offer on the unemployed. For every day of Unemployment, character rolls 1d20. Critical hit (20) results in immediate hire as Drone in original class. Critical miss rolls (1) cause employee to become paralyzed by hopelessness and skip hire rolls for 1d4 days. Character can choose to apply for intern status which only requires a modified roll of only 18 or above. Intern must reroll to determine attributes and class.

Written Up: An employee has three attempts to pass an LC when receiving Written Up; failing the LC results in immediate Unemployed status. Upon first receiving Written Up: Roll 1d4+Charisma+Eloquence, LC20. Second Written Up: Roll 1d4+Charisma, LC 20. Third Written Up: Roll 1d20, LC 19. Any Written Up status after that results in immediate Unemployed status. It goes on the permanent record.

Working Overtime: Employee must stay after EOD for 2 additional hours. -50% to max MP, +5% to max AP for those 2 hours. All statuses currently affecting the employee continue as normal. If employee has called Working Overtime through use of the Panic ability on self, there are no MP/AP penalties.


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