Synergon Office RPG skillsSkills are a special part of an employee’s personality that gives special abilities or bonuses to rolls. Skills are permanent even though they can be temporarily disabled or have their effects removed. Skill effects only apply to the employee who knows that skill, unless otherwise specified. New characters are randomly assigned 2 skills and 1 other skill of their choosing. With every 10th level an employee achieves (i.e. at level 10, 20, 30, etc.), that employee may choose an additional skill to learn.

Aloof: Before using a defense ability, roll 1d20, LC15. Successful roll allows employee to completely avoid the attack and any statuses it might incur. Those who are opposed to getting involved in anything tend to avoid many conflicts.

Apathy: -4 to max AP. If the apathetic employee chooses not to use a defense ability when attacked, the attack immediately targets another member of the Team (attacker’s choice). The key is to just not care, no matter how hard they try to make you care.

Computer: +2 to rolls for CC Email, BCC Email, Twitter Gossip, Blackmail, Email Went to Junk Folder, and Scrutinize. +3 to Tech Savvy. Immune to Carpal Tunnel status. By this point in human history there’s no excuse for not knowing how to use a computer, and yet right-clicking is still an “advanced” skill for so many.

Connections: Item costs are reduced by 30% for this employee. At the beginning of each day roll 1d20, LC16. Successfully passing the LC gives the employee 1d8 hours of Favored. Employee can use Job Offer ability at any tier. Even those who work at Synergon’s Starbucks kiosk get to meet powerful people on a daily basis.

Capitulate: When Demoralized, employee may sacrifice 25% of AP (round down) to completely avoid an attack or its effects. If employee uses Capitulate skill with only 1AP left, employee has 0AP and 1d8 hours of Malaise. Know when to give in.

Deception: +2 to rolls for Lie, Acting Productive, Bluff, Unverifiable Claim and Espionage. +3 Eloquence. If someone says he never tells the truth, is that the truth?

Defiance: +5 to defense rolls. +1AP per hour. Receives 1d4 hours of Scrutinized at the start of each day.

Disdain: +3 to attack rolls for Ridicule, Accusation of Incompetence, and Blame, as well as +2 to defense rolls for Ignore. Once per day, roll 2d6, LC6. Successfully passing the LC gives any frenemy or employee 1d4 hours of Look Stupid. Undervaluing human life is a skill.

Empathy: Employee may spend any number of AP to restore the same number of MP to himself or a team member. How quaint.

Hereditary Wealth: Employee may purchase luxury items at any level and receives an additional $25/day. Gives an additional hour of effects when employee receives Favored status. Daddy was a businessman too?

Inflated Self Image: Immune to Accusation of Incompetence. When employee receives Ashamed status, he or she rolls 1d8, LC3. Successful roll allows employee to shrug off Ashamed immediately.

Integrity: Employee cannot use Lie or Blackmail at any time, but gets +200 to defense rolls against those two abilities. +5 to defense rolls for Ignore and attack rolls for There Will Be Consequences. +3 to Charisma.

Internet Research: When adjacent to a computer, add 50% of Tech Savvy to attack and defense rolls.

Intimidate: When attacking, automatically deal 3MP damage to target on top of damage accrued from attack roll, even if the attack was successfully defended. Also adds 4AP to cost of target’s defense abilities.

Liberal Arts Background: +3 to Eloquence, -50% to daily money intake. Any number of hours rolled for Favored status are immediately cut in half (round down).

Longsuffering: +3 to Patience. Automatically regenerate 2MP per hour. It’s possible to make it through anything by gritting your teeth hard enough.

Longwinded: +2 to rolls for Bluff, Conference Call, Stall, and Delay. +4 to Eloquence. The key is to never let someone get a word in edgewise.

MBA Degree: +$5 per day for tier 1 and 2 employees. +2 to attack rolls for Sales- and Marketing-specific abilities. An employee not from those departments may learn one Sales- or Marketing-specific ability.

Shared Alma Mater: When attacked, roll 1d20, LC15 (does not count as a defense ability roll). Successful roll means the employee and the attacker went to the same school, giving +8 to the subsequent defense roll. Rolling a natural 20 means it’s game day against the school’s arch rival, so the attacker cancels the attack to check the score.

Verbal Diarrhea: +3 to defense roll for Make It Up and Stall. Using any defense ability gives the attacker 1d4 hours of Annoyed, even if the attack is successful. No one knows where it comes from, but it just keeps spilling out and getting all over everything.

Yes Man: +3 to attack rolls against Executive tier frenemies. When defending any attack from a frenemy 10 levels higher or more, defender receives 1d4 hours of Favored.


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