Frenemy-Specific Abilities

Synergon office RPG frenemy abilitiesThese abilities are not available to Team members, but any frenemy at the appropriate tier can use them, except for Janitors, Customer Service Doofuses, and Security Guards.

Consequences (4AP): Tier 2 attack, roll 2d8+50% Patience. If frenemy has taken any MP damage, the target takes an additional 10MP damage, even if the attack is successfully defended. 

Fire (4AP): Tier 2 attack, roll 1d10. Successful hit causes the defender to become Unemployed.

I’ll Know It When I See It (5AP): Tier 2 attack, 3 hour attack, 3 chances to defend. First hour: 1d8 attack, second hour: 2d8 attack, third hour: 1d20+4 attack. Successful defense in first or second hour cancels further attacks. Designers receive +1 to defense rolls. If employee doesn’t successfully defend by the third attack, employee takes additional 5MP damage and receives Look Stupid effects for 1d4 hours. They don’t know what they want, and they judge an employee’s worth by his ability to interpret an opinion that doesn’t exist. Good Luck.

Talk About Salary (2AP): Tier 3 attack, roll 2d8+50% Eloquence. Successful hit gives the target 1d8 hours of Despair. Everyone knows Executives make more than most, but it’s still quite a blow to hear exactly how wide the divide is.


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