Synergon Office RPG frenemiesA frenemy is any employee that has reason to attack Team members. Frenemy stats are determined by their department and tier. While each frenemy has a specialty, they mostly come from the standard departments. The name will reflect the specialty, the department and the tier of each frenemy. For instance, the Spiteful Network Administrator is a spiteful employee from the IT department, tier 2. Frenemies have all skills and abilities native to their department and tier. Some have extra abilities. The Greater Frenemy is similar (i.e. Greater Spiteful Network Administrator), but gains +25MP, +35AP and the Intimidate skill. The Boss decides what particular level and attributes each frenemy has, as well as the frenemy’s department.

Ambitious Drone: Receives +10 to max AP

Annoyingly Friendly Drone: All attacks from this frenemy give the target 1 hour of Annoyed even if the attack is successfully defended or the attack naturally gives the Annoyed status.

Clueless Drone: The power of sheer ignorance makes this frenemy more resistant to attack. Receives +3 to all defense rolls.

Demoralized Drone: Once each hour, this frenemy can target one Team member and roll 2d4. That Team member loses MP equal to the roll, and the frenemy gains the same amount of MP.

Nihilist Drone: When this frenemy’s MP drops below 20% of max MP, the frenemy gains +1 to attack rolls. When the Nihilist Drone takes MP damage, damage is reduced by 30%.

Accusatory Manager: Receives +3 to Accusation of Failure and Accusation of Incompetence attack rolls. All attacks from this frenemy also give the target 1d4 hours of Scrutinized.

Delegating Manager: Able to make up to 5 attacks per hour and up to 3 at one time.

Egotistical Executive: Has Inflated Self Image skill and is immune to Ashamed, Demoralized, and Look Stupid.

Spiteful Manager: Receives +2 to attack rolls. Any time this Frenemy deals more than 3MP damage, the target also receives 1d4 hours of Ashamed, even if the attack naturally gives Ashamed.

Uncaring Manager: Receives +4 to attack rolls when using List of Bureaucratic Tasks, Move Up Deadline, Missed Deadline, and Scrutinize.

Absentee Executive: Can use PTO and Out to Lunch multiple times each day, up to once per hour.

Micromanaging Executive: Any time this frenemy attacks  or is attacked, the target or attacker immediately receives Scrutinized status before rolling. Scrutinized remains in effect for the rest of the hour.

Snobbish Executive: Constantly experiences the effects of the Cocky and Overcompensating.

Miscellaneous Frenemies

There are a few more frenemies the Team may encounter which don’t belong to the standard departments. These other frenemies also have special capacities.

CEO: Has Disdain, Inflated Self Image, and Intimidate skills, and constant Overcompensating and Cocky statuses. Usually accompanied by an entourage of 3 or 4 Executives.

Creepy Stalker: Has the Intimidate skill and gives 1d4 hours of Uncomfortable status with any successful attack. Knows all about his target and periodically steals an item from the target’s desk to be added to his shrine.

Customer Service Doofus: Has Inflated Self Image, Deception, and Disdain skills. Immune to attacks with Blame.

Janitor: Has Liberal Arts Background skill.

R&D Goon: Immune to Missed Deadline and Moved Deadline. Gives 1d4 hours of Look Stupid with any successful attack.

Security Guard: Thinks he has Intimidate skill, but doesn’t. Actually has Aloof skill and every attack gives 1d4 hours of Scrutinized status.

That Lady Looking for a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit: When The Lady loses all MP, the last employee to attack her must roll 1d10, LC 5. Failing to pass the LC gives the attacker Written Up status.


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