Example Scenarios

Synergon Office RPG cubiclesHere are some suggestions for the type of encounters, assignments, and projects the Team might encounter during their time at Synergon. This is only the start; The Boss will come up with any number of new assignments and projects for the Team to tackle.

Elevator/Stairwell Encounter: When using an elevator or stairwell to travel between floors, employees may sometimes get cornered by angry frenemies. Running into executives, Creepy Stalkers and That Lady Looking for a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit is especially common.

Business Trip (project): Corporate sends employees to a convention or another company for deal talks. Frenemies from other companies are particularly hostile and items from an employee’s desk provide no benefit while he or she is traveling.

Printer Jam (assignment): Employees must fend off Enraged frenemies circling the printer and perform a Tech Savvy-based LC to fix the jam

Remodeling (assignment): Employees must pack up and move offices, meaning they receive no benefits from desk-based items for the duration of the move.

Pick-up (assignment): Employees must meet someone or pick up something from the receptionist in the lobby by a given time.

Collaboration (project): The Team is tasked with getting multiple departments to collaborate on a project, meaning the Team must Demoralize the relevant frenemies in order to make them subservient enough to work together. For instance, Design and Content  must collaborate on a company manual, so the Team must fight through both departments and Demoralize the middle managers of both departments to get them to cooperate.

Infiltration (project): In order to discover important secrets being kept by one of the VPs, the Team must keep the VP and his department busy with attacks while one Team member attempts to ingratiate himself with the VP. The undercover Team member must earn 24 consecutive hours of the Favored status in order to gain the VP’s trust. All the while, the undercover Team member must attack his own Team members at least once per hour in order to maintain the illusion that he or she is on the VP’s side.


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