Defense Abilities

Synergon Office RPG DefenseDefense abilities are used to mitigate MP loss from attacks or avoid negative statuses. Rolling the specified dice and adding any defense modifiers determines if the defending employee escapes any MP damage or, if hit, how much damage the defender takes.

Bluff (3AP): Tier 1 defense, roll 1d6+50% Eloquence. Head nods and non-committal grunts are all it takes to deflect some attacks, especially if it’s not clear what the attacker is even talking about. 

Bribe (5AP): Tier 2 defense, roll 1d8+Charisma, LC 20. Successfully passing the LC allows defender to give $25 to the attacker in exchange for canceling the attack.

CC Email (3AP): Tier 2 defense, must be adjacent to a computer, roll 2d8. +3 to rolls against Blackmail, Blame, Threats of Physical Violence and Ridicule.

Crawl Under the Desk (0AP): Tier 1 defense. Employee is not attackable for 1 hour, but cannot use any other abilities and cannot move away from the desk for that hour. Roll 1d8, LC 3. Failing to pass the LC means the defender was spotted under the desk and receives 1d4 hours Ashamed and 1d8 hours of Complete Loss of Authority.

Email Went to Junk Folder (3AP): Tier 1 defense, roll 1d6+Tech Savvy. +3 to defense roll when used against Move Up Deadline, -5 to defense roll when used against Accusation of Incompetence.

Fake Tears (3AP): Tier 1 defense, roll 1d8+50% Charisma. Successfully defending the attack gives the attacker 1d8 hours of Ashamed. A successful hit gives the defender 1d4 hours of Look Stupid, instead.

I Wasn’t Here That Day (2AP): Tier 1 defense, roll 1d10. When defending against Accusation of Failure, Accusation of Incompetence, Blame or Missed Deadline, roll 1d20, LC 6. Successfully passing LC cancels the attack. This ability cannot be used to defend against Twitter Gossip, Ridicule, or Threats of Physical Violence.

Ignore (4AP): Tier 1 defense, roll 2d10+50% Patience. Successfully defending the attack gives the attacker 1d4 hours of Enraged. Failing to defend the attack gives the attacker 1d4 hours of Annoyed. Treat threats like they don’t exist, and sometimes they go away. Sometimes.

Long Lunch (2AP): Tier 1 defense, roll 1d20. Only usable once each day. +3MP, but the defender must roll 1d10+Eloquence, LC20. Failing the LC gives the defender 1d4 hours of Delayed.

Make It Up (4AP): Tier 2 defense, roll 1d8+Creativity. Also roll 1d10+50% Eloquence, LC 15. Failure to pass LC gives the defender 1d4 hours of Scrutinized.

PTO (1AP): Tier 1 defense. Removes the defender from Synergon for 1d8 hours. Any attacks pending or statuses affecting the defender are cancelled. The defender cannot use any abilities during that time and does not participate in Team assignments and projects. Upon returning to Synergon, the defender regenerates +10MP and has -3 to defense rolls against Missed Deadline and Move Up Deadline for 1d4 days. Using PTO more than once in a 1 week period gives an employee 1d8 hours of Scrutinized.

Stall (3AP): Tier 2 defense, roll 1d8+Eloquence. Successful defense causes the attack to be postponed for 1 hour and the attacker receives 1d4 hours of Delayed. After 1 hour, the attack resumes as normal with -3 to the original attack roll. The original attack may be defended or delayed again.

Unverifiable Claim (5AP): Tier 2 defense, 2d6+Creativity. +2 to defense roll if used against department-specific abilities.


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