Standard Abilities

Synergon Office RPG standard abilitiesStandard abilities generally improves character stats, restores AP and MP, or aids the Team in some way. Results of standard abilities may be instantaneous or require an LC.

Acting Productive (5AP): Tier 1 ability, range 0. Roll 1d20+Creativity, LC 35. Successfully passing LC gives 1d8 hours of Favored. For most managers, it’s more satisfying to see vigorous work than quality work.

BCC Email (5AP): Tier 2 ability, range infinite. Must be adjacent to a computer to use. When any Team member uses Espionage, Accusation of Failure, Accusation of Incompetence, Blackmail, or Blame within the next 1d4 hours, add 2d20 percent of ability user’s Tech Savvy to that Team member’s ability roll.

Burst of Inspiration (2AP): Tier 1 ability, range 0. Transfers 1d4+50% of Creativity from MP to AP. MP cannot go below 10% of max MP. And idea is a terrible thing to waste. Sometimes it’s just terrible.

Cross Fingers (1AP): Tier 1 ability, range 0. Roll 1d6, LC 2. Successful roll gives +3 to employee’s LC rolls for 1d4 hours.

Cry It Out in the Restroom (3AP): Tier 1 ability, range 0. +3d8 MP and +2d8 AP; add additional 8MP and 8AP if employee has Demoralized status. Employee is immediately moved to the nearest gender-appropriate restroom and is out of play for 2 hours, cannot attack, be attacked or use abilities to benefit Team members. If this ability is used more than once in a three day period, employee receives 1d8 hours of Ashamed and 1d4 days of Look Stupid. Employees should use the private restroom. The public restrooms tend to echo.

Encourage (2AP): Tier 1 ability, range 3. +10MP to any one Team member. If used on self, employee also receives one hour of Talking to Self.

Espionage (10AP): Tier 2 ability, range 0. Roll 2d20, LC 50 minus Tech Savvy. Successfully passing the LC gives +10 to rolls for Accusation of Failure, Accusation of Incompetence, Blackmail, Scrutinize, and Blame for 1d4 days. A little snooping can reveal valuable information, such as the fact that a certain manager has a thing for petticoats … on himself.

Flurry of Activity (3AP): Tier 1 ability, range 2. +10 to AP, -3 to MP, 2 additional abilities can be used this hour. Sometimes flailing around makes it easier to find the motivation to keep flailing.

Instill Panic (4AP): Tier 2 ability, range 3. Induces effects of the Panic ability on a fellow employee or frenemy. Stat penalties of Working Overtime apply.

Job Offer (5AP): Tier 3 ability, range 5. Only target employees with Unemployed or Intern status. Roll 1d20, LC 12. Successfully passing LC immediately eliminates Intern or Unemployed statuses and allows the employee to roll for a new department position and resume working in the Drone tier.

Lie (4AP): Tier 1 ability, range 3. During the next attack or defense of any one Team member, add 1d4+20% of Eloquence (round down) to his or her roll. The truth always looks so much better after a thorough polishing.

Panic (2AP): Tier 1 ability, range 0. Gives Working Overtime status for the current day only. Normal stat penalties for Working Overtime do not apply to the user. Nothing like a good old fashioned adrenaline rush.

Patience (5AP): Tier 1 ability, range 0. +5 max MP and +2MP per hour for 1d8 hours; +4MP per hour if employee has Longsuffering skill.

Quit (0AP): Tier 1 ability, range 0. When an employee wants to leave Synergon or loses all MP, employee automatically uses Quit, resulting in Unemployed status.

Rage Music (1AP): Tier 1 ability, range 0. Roll 1d8, LC 1. Successful roll restores +5MP. Requires Headphones item. Employee must remain adjacent to a computer for 1 hour. Use anything from romantic sax to death metal; whatever helps to calm the soul in turmoil or headbang those grumpies right out.

Schmooze (4AP): Tier 1 ability, range 2. Roll 1d20+Charisma, LC 30. Successful roll gives 1d8 hours of Favored. Natural roll of 1 gives 1d4 hours of Scrutinized. If employee has Shared Alma Mater skill, roll 1d6, LC 2. Successful roll gives +2 to Shared Alma Mater rolls for 1d4 hours.

Seek Pity (3AP): Tier 1 and 2 ability (Executive tier employees cannot use this ability), range 0. For the next 1d4 hours, roll 1d10 LC 5 before using any defense ability. Successfully passing the LC causes the attack to be immediately cancelled. Failing the LC still allows the defender to use a defense ability, but with -10 to defense rolls against Ridicule and Accusation of Incompetence. It’s tough on the ego, but looking pitiful can make a few attackers falter, or laugh.

Summon Coffee (0AP): Tier 1 ability, range 0. +1d4AP

Walk It Off (3AP): Tier 1 ability, range 0. Roll 1d8, LC 4. Successful roll allows employee to remove effects of one status, but cannot use any attack abilities for the rest of the hour.

Win (25AP): Tier 1 ability, range infinite. Roll 1d20+Patience+Creativity+Eloquence+Charisma+Tech Savvy+Education, LC 1000. That’s business; you can’t win.

Working Ahead (10AP): Tier 1 ability, range 0. Roll 1d8, LC 3. Successfully passing the LC gives +1d6 to defense rolls for the next 1d8 hours, and employee cannot be attacked with Scrutinize, Move Up Deadline or Accusation of Incompetence.

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